Good Times CBD Incense

CBD Infused Incense With 12 Unique Scents


This incense is luscious, with a scent that is reminiscent of a tropical island vacation. Known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the body, recent studies suggest that the smell of coconut may even help reduce stress wile performing complex tasks.


A cleansing, fresh airy fragrance combined with sweet floral scent. Lavender is the go-to incense for refreshing the body, mind, and home environment. It also works wonders for a tranquil sleep.


This blend of resins, musk, and florals is an excellent multi-purpose incense. It is warm, rich and earthy. Use it for wisdom and truth seeking. It is said to draw out negativity and bring one a sense of peace and confidence.

Cool Water

This is a personal favorite. If you ever smelled the cologne then you can expect just that from this perfume-y aroma. It is light and refreshing and will invoke a positive energy through out your home.

Dragons Blood

A year round favorite, dragons blood is a potent and earthy fragrance infused with cedar wood. The scent is sweet and spicy to form a sophisticated complex blend. Dragons blood is a rare and monstrously expensive tree resin. It is used to empower. It lends fiery energy to love, protection, and oath making.

Cannabis Orange

This citrusy aroma transports us to the fragrance of an orange grove, with a thick citrus flavor hanging in the air, combined with a fresh linen scent. Oranges were once the fruit of the wealthy, grown on Greek Islands. It is said to attract love, luck, and money.


Lily is fresh, lightly sweet, a little aquatic and a little lemony aroma. Lily is good for beauty, protection, purifying and spiritual use.

Egyptian Musk

This is a clean, light, delicate musk with woodsy undertones, a touch of citrus, and a hint of mystery. Musk is used to restore order and balance, create protective barriers, remove negative influences, and realign ones energies.


The name itself tells us what you can expect from this sweet fruity aroma. One of our more popular scents is the strawberry. It has a tangy, fresh scent that will invoke the aroma of freshly picked fruit. It is believed to bring happiness and joy to all who burn it.


Has a smell of pine and lemon combined with a dry woody aroma. The scent is thought to induce meditative states, reduce tension and stress and also to lift the spirit.


Jasmine has a rich, sensual sweetness that awakens to the senses. It helps calm anxiety, relax tense muscles and relieve headaches. Jasmine is believed to contain antidepressant, aphrodisiac and antiseptic properties.


Earthy. Fresh. Smooth. Most agree that sandalwood smells like a delicate balance between both a sweet and woody scents. One of the classics. The scent is often used to induce a calm meditative state. Also known to help release muscle soreness and indigestion and to help reduce depression.



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